Your Morning Dump... Will BF3 have a chance against MW3?

Discussion in 'Gaming News FC' started by RedSpades, Sep 12, 2011.

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  • by RedSpades, Sep 12, 2011 at 9:33 AM
    • Head Staff
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    RedSpades Founder of Uni-BB

    Every morning, our staff looks at the top gaming headlines and links and dump them in here for your reading pleasure... because there's nothing quite as pleasuring as a good morning dump.
    With Battlefield 3 coming out in almost a month and only having two weeks before MW3 steps in the ring, which game will have more of an impact and become the best out of the two? First of all, let's cut it out with the "oh c'mon... both of these games are totally different" excuse right out the window. We KNOW these two games will compete against each other, but which game will get the most respect out of the gamers and remain at the top.

    Battlefield 3, in my opinion, will be the best looking - as well as best shooting experience to hit the console. The first two weeks of its launch will be amazing and I can definitely assure you I will be broadcasting quite a bit after its launch. Once the BF3 honeymoon ends, will the game continue to be fun? Will there be annoying balance issues that will hurt the gaming experience? Bugs, exploits, the new NoobTube, anything that will start to aggravate us? Time will tell.

    What we do know is that we are going to get a game that DICE has put a LOT of effort into. The Frostbite 2 engine continues to impress us and honestly, anything is possible with the engine they have. The game will have much more to offer than Modern Warfare 3 from what I've seen and read. You will be able to pilot jets, the scenery of each map is gorgeous, the sound effects are much more realistic, teamwork is a huge requirement, the list goes on. DICE even makes sure to let everyone know that this is not another Battlefield Bad Company 2 game. The gameplay is different and feels a lot better, but we will be the judges of that once the game gets launched.


    But what has to worry DICE is the new upcoming Modern Warfare 3. It comes out two weeks after Battlefield 3 and will most likely dominate the XBL / PSN Live charts, for sure. We can be sure to see many videos on Youtube showing the 360 quick scope sniper shots, Machinima spamming the crap out of their own channels with MW3 content (after all... the COD series is what made Machinima become successful), MLG events using Modern Warfare due to its fast pace action, the list goes on...

    But, the thing about Modern Warfare 3 is that... it really doesn't provide any renovation.

    I've seen the gameplay and it looks like Modern Warfare 2, top to bottom. The same notifications, the same tags, same sound effects, same graphics, the same feel. Yes, we are given new guns, perks and maps, but does it just seem like we are paying for a map pack with added features rather than a full game? Does it feel like Infinity Ward and Activision is making Modern Warfare 2.5 and saving the effort of making the upcoming installment because they know their fanbase is a lot larger than Battlefield and we are gullible zombies that will buy anything COD-related? Maybe, this is a good thing. After all, Modern Warfare 2 was a major success so why bother change something that works. MW2 was fast pace and kickass and IW makes sure that MW3 will be a similar experience, as well.

    So the main question is, with both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 fighting for the top spot, who will win it?

    *Please note that the article above consists of MY OPINIONS about the two games. If you do not agree with my views, feel free to comment about it in the Comments section in a respectful constructive manner*

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Discussion in 'Gaming News FC' started by RedSpades, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. RedSpades
    Let me be the first to say that I predict MW3 winning it due to the huge community it has, but gradually, the game will slowly get tiresome for people and I expect gamers to switch over to Battlefield 3 for a more realistic experience.

    Personally, I believe Battlefield 3 SHOULD win this battle due to the amount of effort DICE has put into it while MW3 feels like Activision slapped a sticker on another version of Modern Warfare 2 and called it a game.

    Once again, all this is my own opinion and of course I will have people disagreeing with me so please be respectful. :)
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  2. NeKiNa
    I believe you're right red. MW3 will win it just because of its popularity.

    In my opinion, I like MW3 for its fast paced action unlike BF3.. But to be honest with you I'm wanting to play BF3 more... I started out to be a BF fan ever since its first installment.. then after vietnam it got worse... I really can't wait for BF3 to come out now after seeing all those trailers.. they're all so sexy.

    Anyways Who's buying MW3 and BF3? If you guys are what platform are you getting them 0n? For myself I'm getting a MW3 on my Xbox 360 and for BF3 I'm getting it on my PC.
  3. RedSpades
    Will be getting both for Xbox 360 so I can play with most of you. :)
  4. Achilles
    Big dump today, like it!

    Personally I see people wanting Battlefield 3 to win when it comes to this forum, but in the long term MW3 will probably out sell and beat it.

    It certainly does look like MW2 with some more things, but considering so many people preferred that style of gameplay compared to Black Ops it may not be a bad thing.

    I'll probably get both, I have never liked the Battlefield series but this is looking much better, funnily enough more COD like in terms of intensity.

    Would expect a stealth mission within the next COD, without a doubt one of my favourite mission types in the game.
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  5. Crow
    IMO I believe that they both will do fine, I believe that they both have their audience and they both will have be peak periods, MW3's being in the beginning and BF3's after MW3 dies down, even though BF3 will be released first. You will see people playing BF3 at first, MW3 just beats it in numbers.

    I will be purchasing both for 360. So lets play. :D
  6. Noxx
    I think MW3 will win against BF3. BF3 took too long to develop and in that time, the CoD Community gain bigger and bigger. Because Bad Company 1 sucked, most people switched to CoD. With the footage I´ve seen BF3 would deserve it to kick CoD ass
  7. Wrighty
    Modern Warfare 3 will outsell Battlefield due to it being the popular game of the two, but I think Battlefield will sell more in the future when people get bored of MW3.
    MW 2.5? I would rather have this than a Black Ops, but I think that BF3 has the better graphics out of the two.
    I have preordered MW3, only reason I haven't done this for BF3 is because the new Batman game is out a week before it and I will be playing that. I think that I will eventually buy BF3 pretty soon tho. :)
  8. BEZ66
    Because MW3 has the more established fanbase, eventhough it looks very similar to MW2, it will def beat out BF3 which is unfortunate. I guess having quicker, more fast-paced gameplay in these days of rampant ADD makes MW3 the front-runner.

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