Wings of Redemption rages against Syndicate

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Achilles, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Achilles Global Moderator / Content Head

    By now I am sure a fare few of us have seen Wings play, whether it be on his Youtube or in a live stream. Many of us are familiar with his attitude and what he can do when things start to not go his way, seems last night was no different.

    I'll let everyone decide for themselves whether he crossed the line and by how much, for me he certainly took it out on the wrong people and made a fool of himself. He even stated he would no longer be taking part in PKA, as well as threaten to disable comments on his latest video is comments continued to be based around his rage quitting.

    Live recording

    His response (pretty sad)

  1. Steve_Stifler Prime Member

    It's not only that, during events like the commentator showdown, he kept talking shit to Fearcrads and during the actual PKA when this happened, he kept saying how Syndicate had no skills. This whole controversy started because during the PKA, Wings kept saying how syndicate is worthless and can't bring out good gameplay because zombies is too easy then challenges him to a 1v1.

    What gets me so pissed off is how when Wings loses, he can't accept the fact that people watched him lose so he rages. He forgot the ONE key thing to what's the main reason behind gaming which is for your own entertainment and he's taking this whole youtube partnership business so far to the point where he's affected mentally. I'm praying he loses everything here because there were several videos about him in the past where he talks shit to Woody, his own subs, and even puts a kid's personal info online.

    I hate Wingsofredemption here and I hate how he has a huge fanbase yet there are so many people out there with videos that are at least 10 times better then his. Wingsofredemption even stated himself that he puts up all of the games he plays on youtube so that's the main reason why he's camping so none of his video does he put any effort into aka which is why the quality of his videos are always shit.

    What aggravates me the most though is how during the 1v1 between him and Syndicate, Wings kept accusing Syndicate of camping yet he does the same thing in all of his video which makes Wings such a god damn hypocrite.

    He brags so much that he has so many subscribers and makes money off them, not only that but he even threaten in one of his video that if his machinima got cancelled, he would quit youtube because he doesn't want to release gameplay without compensation.

    He also picks fight with everyone that's against him or doesn't allow him to get what he wants. He even threatens to kill people in reality, ban people's Xbox, revoke people's machinima contract and even more. This person calls himself a man when he's just a whiny little prick who can only pick fights over the internet. I can add so much more to this but instead I'll just show you guys a couple videos that shows Wings even more.

  2. BEZ66 Media Manager

    So you write a check your ass can't cash by talking shit and not being able to back it up? Then you turn on your "friends" by saying f*ck you and all that nonsense. Wings has some serious growing up to do and he needs to realize that HE has to be accountable for his actions and if he can't deal with the negative consequences that come with his actions, he should quit the game,

    The Game of LIFE!!!
    • Head Staff

    Paterandreas Head Staff

    SirCalmDown XD wants you to join an Xbox LIVE Party. @14:48 Nuff said.
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    Achilles Global Moderator / Content Head

    OMGJustRageQuit wants you to join an Xbox LIVE Party too! lol

    The Gamertags make this even better.
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    Chaoz Gone Viral

    LOL here we go again with the controversy, i swear the gaming community on youtube is like one big drama series lol.

    For the record,wings is the biggest tryhard when it comes to youtube, One day he asked for good players to play bc2 with him on twitter, i asked to join,got invited and finished with a higher score than him every round. then he told me he couldnt put the games we were playing on youtube because i finished ahead of him and he wanted to be number 1 in the squad, so he kicked me LOL
  3. Froxin Iron Fingers

    I watched the entire video and it just made me bow my head in shame. The fact that a whiner like Wings can get such fame is beyond me. I understand that you're famous for this, I understand that you're a good player. But what YOU have to understand is that it's a game. Who cares if you win or lose, you're still going to have that subscriber count.
    • Head Staff
    • Uni-BB CastCore

    RedSpades Founder of Uni-BB

    Are you kidding me? How does anyone even LIKE to watch this guy's videos knowing he's THIS big of a douchebag.
  4. Sandeline Iron Fingers

    This might make you happy then - Who the **** is wings? I honestly have no idea. :)
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    Fatal Gaining Momentum

    • Pioneer

    Chaoz Gone Viral

    well in my case his YouTube audience don't see that side of him but the fact of the matter is that YouTube has literally made this guy crazy
  5. Steve_Stifler Prime Member

    Actually the youtube audience seen this side of wings a year ago, look at the links I posted above. This wasn't the only controversy that Wings has been a part of.
    • Pioneer

    Chaoz Gone Viral

    you do realise that wings fanbase are "generally" new to the gaming community kids in the broader sense now a couple of years ago is a long time in YouTube years. these kids and new people to gaming see wings based on his videos, which they see him as a good guy. now it's these new people that are keeping wings popular and your videos useless because these fanboys are generally brainwashed. a great example of this is whiteboys fans. they are literally brainwashed by him
  6. Steve_Stifler Prime Member

    That may be true but a year ago isn't old. During the MW2 era, a lot of youtubers gathered most of their subscribers in that era. Wingsofredemption had at least 150-200k subscribers in that time. Aka the majority of his subscribers were from back then plus this controversy with Wings and Obviously Jesus was huge back in the day because Wings had a video where he called Jesus out and basically raged at him as well as most of his subscribers. A lot of Wings subscribers are inactive subscribers as well.
  7. Oshay Tipton Fresh Meat

    Oh where to start. First I enjoy Wings' Videos. There is one thing wrong with him though, Absolutely NO common sense. The Patience that Woody has for actually ending a stream for Wings. He is actually a good person but when it comes to competition he throws it all down the drain.

    If he had never started all his Whining and rage quitting People would like him. He should realize to ignore and mute people. He really needs to act more like Woody and just be the bigger man. No one likes loosing but to rage takes it even further.

    He also needs to know just because syndicate beat him on bog with the m16 does not mean he is better than Wings. IMO 1v1's mean nothing they are just for fun.

    I'll continue to watch his videos and support him, I just wish he would get his head on straight.
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  8. Steve_Stifler Prime Member

    I agree with you 100% but personally, when he did what he did last year crossed the line. He basically took a young kid's personal information and put it out on youtube. I don't know if anyone remembers this but it was taken down after a month. Doing that is illegal and the fact he got so heated up to do that. It just pisses me off that people like him have such a huge fanbase yet I know hundreds of channels that releases better content and better commentary then Wings. Most of the COD community rages but to basically insult your own friend who supported you throughout your youtube career is what aggravated me. Not only that but in his video where he responded to the controversy, he didn't even apologize, he just basically said that they deserved it, I have never seen such disrespect in my life. I used to enjoy wings videos but he crossed the line for me a year ago and what he did now just brought it back.
  9. Oshay Tipton Fresh Meat

    Yes he crossed the line by releasing personal info. Youtube isn't 4chan. You see some videos though where he actually tries to do good. Where he asked his subs to donate to the girl with cerebral palsy. Now he could have done that only to get views so people would think he is a nice guy but I think he is actually a nice guy... Until it comes to CoD. Also I think Woody's and Wings' relationship might be at a halt from now on.
  10. Steve_Stifler Prime Member

    Woody is still good with Wings but I don't know about how Wings is treating this issue. If you go to Woody's twitter apparently he responded to this in a positive manner.

    While Wings does do good things and he gained my support when I found out he was helping out a girl with cerebral palsy, he still made sooooo many major mistakes in his career. Just like how Wings related himself to Michael Jackson in his video where he responds to this, there is one similar connection I can see. Michael Jackson donated a large sum of money to charities but he was still hated due to rumours. Wings is helping out a child with cerebral palsy yet he's an arrogant asshole who probably ruined a kid's life during that time when he released the information out which caused the hatred towards him.

    To me, Wings is one of the worst (if not already the worst) youtuber I have ever seen. He is a racist asshole who always defends himself by saying "I've been raised in a bad neighborhood, it's how I grew up" but he doesn't realize that he should step his game up and make a change for the better. If he loses everything which I wish he did, I would love to see the steps he would make to support his lifestyle. In my opinion, if he wasn't impacted by his youtube fame, he would've been a better person. I doubt he would go to an actual job and act like that, that would have been his treatment for his anger issue right there.

    Edit: Even though I may sound incredibly rude right now in all these posts, I just had to let my mind out because I'm just annoyed how Wings acts. (A year ago, I played with Wings in a random match on ground war in mw2 and he acted so immature and insulted me and my party of 3 during the match which provoked my hatred towards him even more)
    • Global Moderator
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    Achilles Global Moderator / Content Head

    Agree, but wouldn't call his youtubing lifestyle as a career. He makes videos and shouts at children, not a profession in my eyes.Wouldn't call it fame either, 300k of 14 year olds doesn't relate to anything significant in reality, especially when many probably think the same as the people in the thread.

    Raising money is a good thing and I can't fault him there, but helping one person and then being bad to two doesn't resolve anything.

    I wouldn't wish he lost everything, wishing bad things to people may seem just but it only makes you as bad as him in the end. I would just say stop watching him, ignore him and his immature antics won't bother you. Ranting in a thread or online elsewhere will not solve anything and just make you madder.
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  11. Steve_Stifler Prime Member

    I have ignored him for a year now until this and if you looked at the new edit i made in my post above, I had my own issue with him. This is just letting it all out I would say but i'm done with this topic.

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